Which is the best email marketing software? Say “Hello” to MailBluster

How can I send emails to a million subscribers every month?

I googled many hours to figure out which is the best email marketing software for sending high volume marketing emails. Finally, I comprehended that all the giant email marketing softwares are charging like the relentless butchers and forcing us, the entrepreneurs with a small budget and a large email list to stay dry without the juice of email marketing or burn out by letting them consume all our hard-managed marketing budget for next to nothing in sells. Also, not so much to mention, the cheap impoverished bulk email softwares; using those, you can disperse blind generic emails only to disrupt your subscribers and poop over them.

The saying goes, “If you want something done well, do it yourself.” So we did. And MailBluster was born.

Thanks to the MailBluster team for their massive effort and Amazon SES for providing the world’s most reliable SMTP infrastructures with maximum email deliverability.

We’re immensely proud of MailBluster, and we can’t wait to hear how MailBluster helps you do a successful email marketing and grow your business.

Go ahead, Click here and get started.

Happy sending.


Ashraful Prium
CEO, MailBluster